Work for us

Nitro Consult is under strong development and expansion. The fundamental idea behind the company has Swedish origins, with connections to Alfred Nobel.

Now we are spreading that idea throughout the world. Our international owners want the entire world to benefit from our expertise and know-how, and resources are being provided for Nitro Consult’s international expansion. Our employees are growing in number and are being offered increasingly interesting and exciting opportunities for development.

Nitro Consult is very much a knowledge-based company. Our consultants are engaged in projects that offer both a breadth and depth of experience. Some assignments are of an extremely high public profile and can occupy a whole group of our employees for a number of years. Others may only take a few hours each month. The work at Nitro Consult is characterised by problem solving under a great amount of freedom and independence.

Without its consultants Nitro Consult would not have any products. The company’s employees are without doubt Nitro Consult’s most important and valuable asset.

The people who work for us are passionate about making a difference to their environment in a positive manner. Our employees possess a high level of education and training. At the same time, much knowledge and know-how is also provided on the job through experience gained from challenging projects and a process of continual competence development.