Risk analysis

An initial risk analysis for vibration-generating operations creates conditions for a project to be carried out as safely as possible and results, among other things, in proposals for appropriate monitoring measures.

Nitro Consult’s risk analyses generate advice regarding the inspections and measurements that need to be carried out, the restrictions and limits that apply, and the information that should be provided to local residents and other affected parties in the surrounding area. When preparing a risk analysis we apply standardised work methods in accordance with Swedish Standard 4604866 and Swedish Standard 02 52 11.

A risk analysis covers:

  • inventory and reporting of buildings, facilities, equipment and activities/equipment that are sensitive to disruption
  • restrictions/limits on ground vibrations and airborne shockwaves
  • proposals regarding appropriate measurement points for vibration monitoring
  • proposals regarding vibration insulation
  • proposals regarding the scope of inspections and pressure testing of flues

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