Vibration measurements
High-quality vibration measurements provide information that can be used to prevent damage and aid in the assessment of the measures that are needed to reduce vibrations. Computerised measuring techniques are a cost-effective means of performing measurements quickly and in accordance with established measurement standards.

Measurements indicate whether permitted vibration limits are being exceeded (or are at risk of being exceeded) in conjunction with blasting and other construction work. If a change occurs it is possible to quickly identify whether there is a causal relationship between the construction work in progress and the documented change.

After a blasting round, compacting work, piling, etc., in other words immediately after the measuring device has registered the vibration, measured values can be transmitted via SMS and email to telephones and computers. Clarification regarding the vibration’s impact is thus provided without delay.

Noise measurements
Noise needs to be monitored at locations such as construction sites and quarries, as well as in traffic. Nitro Consult are experts in this area and can perform measurements in accordance with, for example, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines.

Airblast measurements
Tunnel blasting gives rise to a concentrated airborne shockwave, known as an airblast, and this airblast can be very forceful, even for a small round. In order to understand reactions from the surrounding environment and assess the risk of damage, it is therefore important to measure not only vibrations but also airblasts.

Airblasts can cause damage to buildings in other ways than vibrations. The dispersion of the shockwave is dependent on weather and wind.

Nitro Consult has contributed to the development of the Swedish standard that regulates the measurement of and limits for airblasts.

Subsidence monitoring – Precision levelling
In conjunction with earthworks in subsidence-sensitive areas, any possible movement of buildings or other facilities can be monitored through precision levelling. This type of measurement is performed by first checking the height of selected points prior to the start of the construction work and then continuously monitoring the height of these points.

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