“It’s fun to work with new technology”

For Jonas Engberg, the advanced technology is one of the most important benefits of working at Nitro Consult. He works with the digital platform NCVIB, a solution that makes Nitro Consult unique.

“When I first heard about Nitro Consult, it was the new, cool technology in NCVIB that attracted me. Since I began working here we have continued to developed the system, and technologically it is still at the cutting edge”, says Jonas Engberg, IT Manager at Nitro Consult.

NCVIB is used in conjunction with blasting and other construction work to collect measurement data for analyses regarding things like vibrations, airborne shockwaves, crack width, weather and groundwater. Risk analyses and inspections/surveys are also entered into NCVIB.

“NCVIB is the foremost product of its type in the world and is very well known. The thing that makes it unique, above all else, is the fact that it supports a number of different suppliers of measuring instruments, not just one specific supplier. Furthermore, the information is collected via remote measurements. This means that it is not necessary to actually physically gather the measurement data on-site where the construction work is taking place”, explains Jonas Engberg.

Not only is the NCVIB portal used by Nitro Consult in the company’s own consultancy assignments, it is also sold separately.

“As a developer you want to be at the cutting edge of technology, not stuck working in old technical environments. In that regard Nitro Consult provides us with excellent opportunities. The company is also expanding, which means that new, talented individuals are joining the team. That makes the job even more enjoyable. There is a high level of competence within mathematics and physics here”, says Jonas Engberg.

The developers work closely with the users of the system.

“They are to a large extent Nitro Consult’s own consultants. It makes it easy to quickly brainstorm new ideas. There is a start-up feeling here. The product is created gradually and is adapted to the customer’s needs, which is great.”

Jonas completed a degree in Engineering Physics but then found his way into the field of IT and programming via, among other things, jobs at Ericsson and SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

“At SLU I started analysing map images and working with GIS, which is of great benefit to me now that I am at Nitro Consult.”

NCVIB is used around the globe, and one current project has to do with construction work at nuclear power plants in Japan.

“It is a very special and exciting project. We even have an office in Japan. I haven’t been there yet, although I have been to our office in Australia.”