Better construction

Nitro Consult facilitates environmentally safe urban development. We help to avoid damage and disputes in conjunction with blasting and other construction work.

All construction projects affect the environment. At Nitro Consult we focus on construction activities that create vibrations and noise, in other words blasting, piling, sheet piling, excavation and compacting. These are activities that impact on the environment, buildings, instruments, computers and other types of sensitive equipment.

We collect facts and propose solutions.

Nitro Consult offers technical consultancy services. Our area of expertise is wide-ranging, from risk analysis and surveying to rock investigations, geological project planning and technical blasting guidance. As part of a project, or as an independent consultant, we can provide measurement expertise and customised measuring services when it comes to vibrations, noise, airborne shockwaves and subsidence. We also offer the NCVIB portal, a proprietary online solution for the management of measurement data.

Nitro Consult works to ensure that all parties involved with projects can perform their work with as little impact on the environment as possible. We also help to ensure that blasting work can be carried out with stringent limits on vibrations, or in other sensitive environments.

Our customers are property developers, in other words the owners of construction projects, as well as construction contractors. Our assignments cover everything from major tunnel constructions to blasting for residential development. The projects can involve both new construction and maintenance of existing structures.

Nitro Consult’s expertise is well proven and is under continual development. We utilise our expertise to the benefit of many different types of projects in a number of different geographical markets, often in demanding environments.