Vibration Measuring

Vibration measuring is, for many reasons, an important requirement in blasting and various other types of construction and civil-engineering works. It shows whether the permissible vibration levels have been exceeded or are about to be exceeded. If damage has occurred, good vibration measuring practice makes it easy to determine quickly whether or not the blaster is responsible. It also gives information that can be used not only to avoid immediate adverse effects but also to determine what measures are needed to eliminate or, at least, reduce the vibrations.

Measuring for more efficient advance
Vibration measurements give direct guidance in blasting and other types of groundworks, so that the result can be optimized from a technical and economic point of view. With the aid of advanced measuring instruments and computer support, we can choose the most suitable method to minimize the risk of vibration damage and at the same time keep the rate of advance as high as possible. After a tunnel round has been blasted it can take hours for the fumes to be evacuated and for mucking to be carried out, before a new round can be drilled and charged. It is therefore efficient to charge the holes as much as possible within the framework of the limit values for vibrations. With the aid of IT support, this is easy: the blaster can ‘tip-toe’ past sensitive buildings and then charge up the holes fully as soon as the vibration limits become more generous.

Measured results within one minute
The measured values are transmitted directly after blasting to telephones and computers via SMS and the Internet. In this way, we obtain without delay clarity about the rock’s ability to transmit vibrations into sensitive surroundings.

Other sources of vibration
Traffic, piling, sheet driving, hauling, compacting and vibratory rolling are other examples of activities that generate vibrations. When one wishes to assess how such vibrations affect people, buildings and different installations, information is essential. Computerized measuring technology is a cost-effective aid to taking and processing such measurements quickly and in accordance with established measuring standards.