Structural Surveys

Buildings and installations situated within the risk zone are surveyed before and after the blasting work. If you have received a Notice of Survey, it can be good to know a few more things in addition to the information that is contained in the letter.

The survey is paid for by the developer.

Initial survey and protocol
In the initial survey, a note and record is made of any defects in the walls, floors, roofs, tiles etc. This record is then used as the basis for the second and final survey in order to show more easily whether any change has occurred. On completion of the survey, a copy of the documentation is always left with (or sent to) the owner or occupier of the building in question.

Full survey
If the Survey Notice indicates more than a survey of just the façade, then Nitro Consult will need access to your building, premise, house or apartment. In the case of apartment blocks, we need access to all apartments in the block. It is an advantage if the occupant can be home. If this is not possible, perhaps you have a relative who could be present instead. In apartment blocks, it is sometimes possible for the caretaker or chairperson of the tenant-owners or residents association to be present instead. Please note that Nitro Consult will not enter your premises or home unless you or your authorized representative is present.

Hydrostatic tests / tightness testing of chimneys
In cases where the survey involves hydrostatic testing and where there are open fireplaces, open stoves etc; we shall need access to the attic and roof as well. In such cases, by all means, leave a ladder handy to facilitate access to these areas.

Authorized personnel
Nitro Consult personnel ALWAYS carry easily visible corporate identification. If the survey personnel cannot show a valid corporate ID, please do not let them into your premises or home. Instead, call our head office immediately on 08-681 43 00 to report the incident.

Changing the time of your appointment
If you wish to change the time of your survey appointment, please contact our surveyor and agree a new or more specific time with him or her. Please give as much notice as possible, for it can be difficult for the surveyor to reschedule your appointment if you call on the same day on which the survey is booked to take place. Your Notice of Survey will give the name of the person to contact under the clause “If you have any questions, please contact: ****”

Missed appointment
If you have missed your appointment for a survey, please contact our surveyor, who will know best how far the groundwork has progressed and will therefore be in the best position to reschedule your appointment. In the case of a missed final survey, please contact your nearest Nitro Consult office for further assistance.

Vibration measurement
To learn more about vibration measuring, please click on the corresponding link in the Left Navigator opposite.