NCVIB is a Web-based system designed to make the results of vibration measurements more useable. The system registers vibrations and airborne shock-waves and presents the measured results together with other interesting parameters such as temperature, noise, stresses and groundwater levels.

NCVIB collects crude data from the measuring equipment, refines it into directly useable information and presents it on the Web. This eliminates completely the journeys, work, time and costs associated with the reading off of instruments, the transferring of measured data to a computer, the finding of suitable application programs, paper handling, data distribution and archiving.

With NCVIB the blaster receives up-to-the-minute information about the vibrations from the latest round blasted and can therefore quickly adjust the drilling and charging parameters for the next blast. NCVIB also warns of the risks of exceeding the specified vibration limits, which is a very useful feature in sensitive environments.

The project manager can follow both the blasts and the rate of advance from his or her office, and use the NCVIB information directly in his or her work. Moreover, he or she can monitor coordinated blasting in several tunnels, since NCVIB can handle measurements from many different places at short intervals. This is particularly valuable when contractors only have permission to blast during a short period each day.

The contractor in charge can see continuously the effects of the blasts and how they are behaving with regard to the permitted limit values. Should something improper happen or be about to happen, NCVIB sends an associated warning. Moreover, the risk of being sued for unwarranted damages is reduced, since the contractor can document all measurement results from all blasts in an incontrovertible way.

NCVIB can also provide public and third-party interests with adapted and timely information about vibrations and airborne shock-waves from the construction work. This reduces the cost of answering questions and distributing information on paper.