“You get to do a lot yourself”

A varied job in the construction industry that enables you to visit a lot of places and meet a lot of people. Maria Börjesson is a consultant at Nitro Consult in Gothenburg and specialises in surveys and inspections.

She came, she left, and she came back. Maria Börjesson has had two periods of employment at Nitro Consult. The first was as a newly qualified construction engineer.

“I hadn’t heard of the company before, and I was also very doubtful about whether it was the right job for me due to the large amount of contact I would be having with other people. At the time I didn’t think that such a job would suit me”, she says.

But her manager convinced her otherwise, and everything worked out well in the end. Maria started working with the surveys and inspections that are carried out before and after blasting and other construction activities.

“After a few years I felt like I wanted to try something different, so I joined another company where I worked as a designer. Then I moved to the USA for a few years and was involved with other things. But eventually I felt myself being drawn back to the construction industry, and I took my chance when Nitro Consult were looking to employ people again, nine years after I had left the company the first time.”

She has continued to be involved with surveys and inspections, a role that often involves visiting private individuals in their homes.

“We carry out the inspection and make a note of any cracks etc. that already exist. Then we perform a second inspection once the vibration-generating operations have been completed. Most of the people I meet are very pleasant, but one must have respect for the fact that it is somewhat uncomfortable for them to have someone come into all their rooms and take a look around. You learn what you should say to them.”

When she is not involved with inspections, Maria’s role as a consultant has her performing vibration measurements, risk analyses and damage investigations.

“Part of my job is as project manager for inspections and damage investigations on a part of Västlänken (English: The West Link), which is the large railway tunnel that is planned for construction under central Gothenburg. The tunnel will run under a significant amount of residential housing.”

Nitro Consult’s office in Gothenburg is responsible for the company’s operations in western Sweden, from Strömstad in the north to Halmstad in the south, which means that Maria’s assignments vary significantly.

“It’s a very varied job, and you get to do a lot yourself. Being in so many different places and meeting so many different people means that no two days are alike. Nitro Consult is also a very pleasant company to work for, with a family-like atmosphere, and that is important to me.”