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Nitro Consult - “Tremendous opportunities for development”

“Tremendous opportunities for development”

After only a year at Nitro Consult, Laura Hoffmann was given the chance to set up an entirely new local office and become Office Manager there. She appreciates the opportunities that result from the company’s expansion.

Nitro Consult is under expansion. The company’s owners think that the business is interesting and promising, with global potential. Consequently there is significant focus on growth.

-It is extremely positive. There are tremendous opportunities for development as the company expands, both in Sweden and overseas, says Laura Hoffmann, consultant at Nitro Consult in Örebro.

She joined Nitro Consult in Karlstad in the autumn of 2016. Shortly thereafter her partner accepted a new job near Örebro.

-I mentioned to my manager that I would like to work in Örebro. It was really just something that I happened to say in passing, because we didn’t even have a local presence there. But then I was given the chance, together with the Regional Manager, to set up a new local office in Örebro and become Office Manager there, explains Laura.

– The office in Örebro has grown since then but is still relatively small, which means that we work very broadly with many of the various services that Nitro Consult offers. It’s exciting, even though I would ideally prefer to be able to concentrate entirely on rock-related projects, since that is my area of specialisation.

Laura is a qualified engineer in Rock and Construction Engineering. The first time she came across Nitro Consult was in the Zinkgruvan mine outside of Askersund.

-I was working there as a mine planning engineer, and Nitro Consult was engaged to perform vibration measurements, among other things. It felt like a company where there were many opportunities for development when it comes to my great area of interest, namely the possibility of working with focus on rock in general. Shortly thereafter I visited Nitro Consult’s website and saw that there was a vacant position, so I took the chance to apply for the job.

Laura says that working with rock-related issues is something of a lifestyle choice.

– I can be out and about somewhere with friends and suddenly I’ll yell “wow, check out that cool rock face!”. That’s not something that everyone does. The more I learn about Nitro Consult’s services related to vibrations and rock, the more exciting it becomes.