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Blasting within the Stockholm Bypass Project

More than 20 km of motorway, most of it in tunnels that are being built around Stockholm. The blasting operations are comprehensive, and the Swedish Transport Administration is utilising Nitro Consult’s experience of other major projects when it comes to monitoring vibrations and noise.

When the E4 Stockholm Bypass is opened in 2030 it will only take 15 minutes to drive from Kungens Kurva to Häggvik. A journey that at present can easily take an hour in rush-hour traffic.

This gigantic construction project is expected to cost SEK 28 billion and is already in full swing. The main part of the work is taking place deep underground. The new bypass will total 21 kilometres, of which 18 kilometres in tunnels. The 16 kilometre-long main tunnel is run from seven different locations. The project therefore entails significant blasting operations.

“Monitoring vibrations and noise from blasting operations requires specialised know-how. For this work we are engaging the services of NCA, a joint venture company operated by Nitro Consult and Ansvarsbesiktning. They have the experience and training that is needed. It is also important that they can act independently and in accordance with applicable industry standards”, says Per Lunde, Project Manager at the Swedish Transportation Administration, developer for the Stockholm Bypass Project.

“Monitoring blasting operations requires specialised know-how”Per Lunde, Project Manager at the Swedish Transportation Administration

NCA carries out surveys and inspections before, during and after blasting operations in the southern parts of the project.

“They set the benchmark values with which the blasting contractor must comply. Measurements are performed on an ongoing basis and are presented via Nitro Consult’s own data system, NCVIB”, explains Per Lunde.

Certain sections of the Stockholm Bypass Project’s tunnels are particularly sensitive to blasting activities, for example those that run close to the Skärholmen metro line. This has required a great degree of precision in the monitoring of vibrations and reporting to contractors and clients.

“There are also residential properties, data centres, churches, power lines and other buildings.”

NCA has great use of experience gained during the Stockholm City Line project, the railway through central Stockholm that has now been completed.

“The Stockholm City Line was a unique project with regard to sensitive environments in the form of other infrastructure, buildings of cultural and historical value, and local businesses and residents. It was there that we initiated the collaboration with Ansvarsbesiktning. The project provided us with valuable knowledge that we can now apply to ensure the effects of the Stockholm Bypass Project on the surrounding environments”, says Mats Blacker, Nitro Consult’s CEO.

In addition to monitoring vibrations and noise, NCA is also responsible for third party management in the Stockholm Bypass Project.

“We have a manned case management service that is open from 7 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. on weekdays. It is there that we receive reports of damage and disruptions and manage these in accordance with set procedures. Via NCVIB we also send out notification of blasting activities before they are carried out”, explains Mats Blacker.

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The Swedish Transport Administration

E4 The Stockholm Bypass Project

2015– 2030

We did: Assignment Mapping of noise and vibrations, technical blasting guidance, damage investigations and third party management. The assignment is being handled by NCA, a joint venture collaboration between Nitro Consult and Ansvarsbesiktning.

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