Honing expertise and know-how

Technical development is constantly underway at Nitro Consult. One of the employees who is particularly focused on this area is Mathias Jern, a technical advisor whose role involves building bridges between different parts of the company.

Nitro Consult is a knowledge-based company with an ambition to constantly be better.

“For us there is no doubt in our minds – we shall be the industry-leading company in our field, and we shall have the expertise and know-how required to succeed with the most challenging of projects. Customers can turn to us when they are in need of help with problem solving at an advanced level”, says Mathias Jern.

He works at Nitro Consult in Gothenburg as technical advisor for the entire company.

“Since I started my career here I have been a consultant and a regional manager, and now I am technical advisor. My current role involves developing our business model and increasing the level of technical collaboration within the company. It is a very enjoyable and very important job.”

Nitro Consult has a tradition of developing consultancy expertise with both a breadth and depth when it comes to blasting and other vibration-generating construction activities.

“We aim to nurture that expertise and develop it still further. A lot of development is ongoing at present, not least in relation to vibration forecasting and calculation models. One very interesting area is that of vibration and charge mapping in our web portal NCVIB, where we illustrate how the customer should drill and lay charges prior to blasting operations.”

Employees at Nitro Consult learn from one another, and not always only from those who work in the same city or town.

“New technical solutions can be developed through collaboration between regions. When it comes to extremely difficult assignments it is essential that we are able to utilise expertise and know-how from different parts of our organisation.”

When Mathias first started working at Nitro Consult he had only recently completed his PhD at Chalmers on the subject of blast damage in rock.

“I have always been fascinated by stone and rock, partly because I was extremely into rock climbing for a while.”

At college he chose to study the technical programme.

“To be perfectly honest I was a terrible student in college! But somehow that makes it all the more enjoyable and rewarding to have ultimately found the motivation and desire to study geology at university and even complete my PhD. I really enjoy working with technology, not least the mathematical aspects of problem solving”, says Mathias.