Alfred Nobel

Nitro Consult’s origins can be traced back to the world-famous Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize.

In 1866 Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, and in doing so he created a whole new world of possibilities for the safe transportation of explosive substances. The invention of dynamite led to great success for Alfred Nobel, and his personal fortune was used to establish the Nobel Prize.

Alfred Nobel’s company, Nitro Nobel, was for many years located in Vinterviken, just south of Stockholm. When the consultancy part of the business began to develop it was separated to form a new company, Nitro Consult, which for security reasons was moved to a different location. These days Nitro Consult’s head office is located just a few kilometres from the site of the old dynamite factory.

Our consultancy services hold a unique position on the market and are so well established that the company is sometimes perceived to be more of an institution than a commercial business. This can to some extent be explained by our history.